Marketing, Six Sigma and Customer Value

Marketers, brand managers, product managers and planners would be well advised to break down the organizational barriers that exist between themselves and those curious folks that populate the continuous improvement corners of the organization. The … [Read more...]

The Shift from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Value

The next significant shift in Six Sigma will come from the jettisoning of the time-worn satisfaction model for the more realistic and information-laden customer value paradigm. The value model is significantly better suited to the information needs … [Read more...]

When is A Pricing Problem Not A Pricing Problem?

The answer is simple, when it’s a value problem. Value is the relationship between the quality of an organization’s product or service offering and the price that they charge for it. [box type="warning"] When your customers complain about the price … [Read more...]

Improve Customer and Shareholder Value

Public Utility Improves Customer and Shareholder Value. The management team at a large Midwestern utility was faced with a perplexing situation.  Despite providing gas and electricity at prices that were at or below any neighboring utilities, … [Read more...]

Quadruples Company Size

Equipment Distributor Targets Key Markets, Quadruples Company Size In 1994, the management team of a very large heavy equipment dealership recognized that the nature of competition was changing dramatically, and that it would no longer be possible to … [Read more...]

Streamlines Operations and Qualifies for New Business.

Mining Equipment Company Streamlines Operations and Qualifies for New Business. A multi-national manufacturer of mining equipment was faced with a significant decline in business at one of its international locations.  The alarming aspect of this … [Read more...]

Improves Equipment Delivery Time and Reduces Churn

Telecommunications Firm Improves Equipment Delivery Time and Reduces Churn. A wireless telecommunications provider, serving primarily business customers, was faced with a losing business proposition:  with a churn rate approaching 50%, the company … [Read more...]

Market Share and Profitability Gains

Manufacturer in Declining Industry Makes Breakthrough Market Share and Profitability Gains. A small manufacturer of conveying, drying, and blending equipment for the plastics industry found itself in the unenviable position of actually losing market … [Read more...]

Are you really listening to the voice of the customer?

If Only You'd Ask! (Are you really listening to the voice of the customer?) [box] Hey, Mr. Six Sigma Blackbelt. It’s me, your customer. I hear all of you six sigma guys talking about how important it is to understand and listen to the voice of the … [Read more...]

Providing Outstanding Value

Every once in a while we run into an incredible value delivery situation and feel compelled to comment. I just had such an experience with a supplier of color printer supplies. These folks obviously know what the critical to quality factors are for … [Read more...]