Ten Questions any CEO Worth Their Salt Must be Able to Answer

Too many CEOs lack customer focus. Here are ten questions you as a CEO can answer to test your level of customer focus. In addition, you might want to give this test to your marketing intelligence team or better yet, your board. 1. Do you know … [Read more...]

Business Unit Planning: The Product/Market Matrix

Planning at the level of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) requires an answer to the question: “Where do we choose to compete?” Put another way, the question becomes, “Where shall we focus limited resources in order to compete most … [Read more...]

Why Value is More Important than Satisfaction

Central to the stated or postulated discipline of Six Sigma, as opposed to the current practice of the discipline, is the role and importance of the VOC (voice of the customer) in driving the application of Six Sigma principles and methodologies. For … [Read more...]

The Shift from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Value

The next significant shift in Six Sigma will come from the jettisoning of the time-worn satisfaction model for the more realistic and information-laden customer value paradigm. The value model is significantly better suited to the information needs … [Read more...]

When is A Pricing Problem Not A Pricing Problem?

The answer is simple, when it’s a value problem. Value is the relationship between the quality of an organization’s product or service offering and the price that they charge for it. [box type="warning"] When your customers complain about the price … [Read more...]